Printed Circuit Board Assembly

At Bittele Electronics, we take pride in our role as an affordable and service-oriented turnkey electronics manufacturer, offering inexpensive and professional Printed Circuit Card Assembly services. Bittele’s expert staff is composed of only the top manufacturing and technical support professionals, and we make it our priority to deliver only the utmost in customer service and product quality. Through this aspiration, we are consistently finding new and innovative ways to reduce the cost of parts procurement, as well as circuit card manufacturing and assembly, so that we can pass these savings on to our clients.

Circuit Card Assembly with Bittele

Bittele Electronics employs cutting edge techniques and technologies to enable an extensive selection of Circuit Card Assembly options and capabilities. We offer fully-automated assembly including HDI (high-density interconnect), fine-pitch assembly (to 8 mils), 0201 package placement, BGA / µBGA placement and X-Ray testing, and even fine-pitch BGAs (to 0.4mm).

As an industry leader in Circuit Card Assembly, Bittele Electronics boasts fabrication and assembly capability for the gamut of common PCB types. These types include through-hole technology (THT), surface-mount technology (SMT), mixed-technology (both THT & SMT), double-sided SMT, and double-sided mixed-technology. Bittele also guarantees a perfect assembly every time by utilizing the Design for Manufacturing (DFM) and Design for Testing (DFT) quality control methods. Your design files will be analyzed using our DFM check to ensure manufacturability and detect possible design errors before the manufacturing process takes place. For added insurance, we will place electrical test points throughout the PCB layout using the DFT method. This allows for continuity testing using the Flying Probe or Bed of Nails approach. Together, the DFT and DFM methods work to maximize the efficiency of the manufacturing process, and to ensure the utmost in reliability, while keeping costs at a minimum.

Testing and Quality Control

Bittele Electronics performs comprehensive testing to ensure the proper quality and function of all PCBs before they are shipped to our clients. This testing is conducted using the foremost advanced technologies and equipment, as well as today’s most intensive inspection techniques. All BGA, QFN, or other lead-less packages are subjected to X-Ray testing to ensure that all solder joints are properly connected and assuredly robust. Our machine placement is verified using Automated Optical Inspection (AOI), which is performed during the early stages of production to ensure accurate part placement and orientation, as well as the integrity of solder joints.

How to Request a Quote for Circuit Card Assembly Services

1. PCB Fabrication Quote: Select just a few simple options using our online form, and instantly receive a quote for the fabrication of your printed circuit card. Click PCB Fabrication Quote to get started now!

2. PCB and Assembly Quote: Determine the price of both fabrication and assembly for your project using this instant online quote. Click PCB Assembly Quote to get a started now!

3. BOM Pricing: Send your BOM (Bill of Materials) to, and we will get back to you within 24 hours with a price for the procurement of your components. Please ensure that your BOM includes columns for quantity, reference designator, manufacturer name, and manufacturer part number. See our Sample Bill of Materials (BoM) for a template.

Placing Your Circuit Card Assembly Order

To place your Printed Circuit Card Assembly order today, please contact a Bittele sales representative at, and include the following design files and documentation:
  1. All relevant Gerber Files – for DFM compatibility – Please use RS-274X, RS-274D format
  2. Pick and Place file – For machine placement – ASCII format
  3. Bill of Materials (BoM) – For purchasing and validation of components – MS Excel (.xls) format
  4. ReadMe or other supplementary specification files

Our Clients Include