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How to Review BOM and Gerber Files?

Bittele Electronics has capable engineers to meet the committed tasks of the customers. We only need your requisite bill of materials (BOM) and Gerber files to review. Some customers will contact us due to our stringent adherence to prescribed guidelines. Our experienced team will always review your bill of materials and circuit board Gerber files prior to production. We generally review the BOM to look for any discrepancies. Based upon the BOM, we will find authorized dealers for components and also their prices. Additionally, we check Gerber files to identify problems that may have occurred in the design process. Checking the Gerber files helps to locate missing solder pads, problems with the footprint, drill problems, drills outside the board or flipped, silk screen issues, etc.

All the files are required to be given to us in a specific format to expedite processing. We request you provide us the bill of material in the Microsoft Excel format with all the mandatory fields completed. An accurate BOM enables us to evaluate the requirements in a comprehensive manner to ensure effective processing.

In order to proceed further with the assembly process, we need a complete BOM with all the compulsory information. The bill of materials should have data with respect to item number, quantity, reference designator, manufacture’s component number, manufacture’s name, component description, package type, etc. You also need to submit Gerber files in a specific format. Gerber is a regular electronics industry file format that is used to interpret design details for manufacturing various types of circuit boards. We normally need a Gerber file in RS-274X, RS-274D formats to proceed with the manufacturing process. Our skilled staff also reviews Gerber files for design for manufacturability (DFM).

As a diligent electronic contract manufacturer, we perform a basic design for manufacturability check as per approved guidelines. We evaluate Gerber files to offer DFM check. Early DFM verification enables us to find errors at the very beginning stage of the production process. We can then develop a course of action for correcting the errors. This leads to superior quality and on time production services. You can conveniently coordinate with us for any related concerns.

You can communicate with our team in multiple ways. We can effectively coordinate with each other for any associated issues so a suitable solution can be provided. You can contact us by email at sales@7pcb.com.

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