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PCB Layout Services in China

Bittele Electronics with the help of talented layout designing engineers provides printed circuit board layout services in China. Varied engineering customers contact us for professional layout design which is difficult to obtain from other electronic contract manufacturers. We are able to service efficiently due to our multiple capabilities. Our numerous layout designing capabilities comprise of:
  1. single to multi-layer design
  2. rigid and flexible PCB design
  3. high-power circuit design
  4. high-speed design
  5. high-speed signal integrity
  6. SMT, through-hole, mixed technology design
  7. controlled impedance
  8. power distribution, etc.
Furthermore, we give additional services as part of our normal laid procedures. Along with specific attention to quality productivity, we strive to keep our customers satisfied and give number of industry standard deliverables after the board is designed. We give following deliverables:
  1. CAD database
  2. fabrication drawing files
  3. assembly drawing files
  4. Gerber files
  5. BOM (Bill of material)
Additionally, we consider giving DFM (Design for manufacture) & DFT (Design for Test) service to have an accurate circuit board design. DFM and DFT are the most vital part of the entire service. Our proficient staff takes care of this service and ensures circuit board design is completely error-free. If we find any problems then we communicate to respective departments for further corrections.

Bittele continuously coordinate with the buyers through different means of channels. Many a time’s few customers demand for customized board design which is difficult to get from other contract manufacturers. Nevertheless, we get pleasure by providing this service and resolve many of the queries regarding circuit board shape, size, etc. We provide a design quote on receipt of some important files.

You can get the layout design quote by sending us basic data such as schematic design ASCII net-list, hand drawing schematic, number of nodes, nets, and components, etc. We will give an official quote with the turnaround time details within 24 hours of receiving complete data.

We consider different factors to give affordable layout cost with a good turnaround time. Generally the elements taken into consideration are a number of layers, number of surface-mount & through-hole component placement, board size, length match routing, etc. Our standard lead-time for layout design is 5-10 days. Also our average prices are reasonably lower than any other design house in China. So you may comfortably proceed to place an order with us. You can order with us by submitting the design files to our team on sales@7pcb.com.


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