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Circuit Board Assembly in Ottawa

Bittele Electronics can majority of the times reached for PCB assembly services in Ottawa. We have modern technology systems to deliver the most superior final assembled product. So many times our consumers contact us for their specific requirements i.e. prototype and low volume circuit board assembly. The buyers with no trouble get in touch with us at our head office in Toronto, Canada.

We have our corporate workplace in Toronto, Ontario which has led to easy accessibility for most of our customers in Ottawa. Furthermore as Ottawa is close to Toronto, therefore we have many customers in this place. As we are conveniently reachable and in the same time zone, communication becomes very easy with the users leading to desired output generation. Many of them coordinate with our workforce for any queries and our team ensures smooth communication with them. Another added advantage is our production house in Shenzhen, China which results in low production cost and many times is passed on to our prospective buyers in terms of less pricing with the help of our wide assembly capabilities.

Bittele has indulged knowledgeable team with outstanding capabilities to offer essential PCB assembly services in Ottawa. Our abilities comprises of assembling surface-mount components (SMT), through-hole components (THT), mixed technology components (THT and SMT), both sided SMT assembly, double sided mixed technology, 0201 package size or big size components, fine pitch parts pitch up to 8 mils, high density pin connectors, leadless components, package on package, BGAs, Micro-BGAs, etc. for the expected quantity and with better turnaround time.

Our exclusive know-how and hard working staff has enabled us to deliver the PCB assembly services with the most appropriate lead time. Our normal turnaround time is 1-2 business days for prototype to meet the explicit demand in Ottawa. Moreover, the price details can be received from our online cost estimator.

You can derive the circuit board assembly price from our quick PCB assembly quote calculator. On providing details with respect to few compulsory options, the instant cost estimate would be generated. However for official quote the mandatory files and information need to be forwarded to our sales team. Basis we would produce the formal quote as fast as in 1 working day on receipt of entire data.

We believe in efficient customer service, hence our personnel revert to majority of the concerns as quick as within 24 hours along with additional information regarding shipping of parts if any. You need not worry about shipping of parts and can send the consignment through available channels as the shipping cost is quite reasonable in Ottawa to Toronto. In general, we accept parts in cut tape, reels, trays, tube, etc. in addition to several formats. We will deliver the final product to you directly after the boards are assembled in our production plant in China. For further queries regarding cost or related issues, send us your questions to sales@7pcb.com. Also, you can ship your parts to our corporate office in Canada.


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