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Low Cost PCB assembly services in China

Bittele Electronics provides low cost printed circuit board assembly services in China to meet the growing demands of worldwide customers. Consumers from the various locations contact us to have a dual benefit of better quality and affordable services. Even though we assemble in China, still you can always rely on us for superior quality as we give the services from our production plant in China.

We have our assembling house in Shenzhen, China to give the cost effective assembly services to our buyers. Bittele has engaged knowledgeable and educated engineers in PCB assembly unit. Our resources make sure that the board assembly services are met with the required quality and at a relatively less price. We have formulated effective strategies which helped us to make optimum use of available technology and skilled manpower in China. This has also enabled us to give added benefit to our customers in terms of cost.

We consider many elements while formulating a cost structure. The factors considered are BOM list, number of boards to be assembled, double-sided component placement, number of through-hole components, a number of surface-mount components, the number of leadless components, a number of fine pitch components, lead-free processing, etc. We normally do not charge extra for basic services such as design for manufacturability (DFM) and design for testability (DFT).

We offer DFM and DFT check at free of cost. We have involved specialists to give accurate DFM services. Our dedicated team for DFM helps to rectify the errors at the initial stage. This in turn further enables to save time and have a final product at a much cheaper price.

Bittele delivers low cost circuit board assembly services in 5 days of turnaround time. We also give quick assembly services within 24 hours on a special request from our consumers. So you need not worry while placing the order and only need to tell us your requirement.

Placing an order with us is a simple job. You are required to send BOM in Microsoft Excel format with a specific highlight for the components which are to be excluded from the assembly process. You also need to give us Gerber files in RS-274X, RS-274-D format etc. along with assembly diagram files for any specific instructions. All these files can be forwarded to sales@7pcb.com or can be uploaded on our website using contact page.


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