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How to Export Gerber files from Proteus

The purpose of this document is to assist Bittele’s clients in the process of generating Gerber files using the software suite known as Proteus. Bittele asks that its clients supply their PCB design files in this format because Gerber is the industry standard file type and it is therefore easily recognized and processed by our manufacturing equipment. We at Bittele recognize that this procedure may not be familiar to all our clients, and so we will proceed with a step-by-step description in the following section.

1. Once your design is complete and you are ready to export it as Gerber files select the Output menu at the top toolbar and then the Generate Gerber/Excellon Files option.

2. In the next menu you can now select:
  • The location of the output files.
  • Individual output of files or as a zip folder.
  • The Layers/Artworks to be generated.
  • The properties of the Layer/Artworks, for example:
    • Rotation, Reflection, File units and most importantly the Gerber Format
  • Please select the RS274X option under Gerber Format.

3. After pressing OK in the bottom right of the menu you will have finished exporting your files as Gerber RS274X files.

4. To get your newly generated files quoted please send us an email at sales@7pcb.com with your project files, the quantity you would like quoted, any special requirements that your project may have, and your shipping address.
  • For a more in depth look at exactly what files are needed for a quote please see the following article.

This article can be linked from the same places as the other How to Export Gerber articles.


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