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Circuit Board Repair and Rework

Bittele Electronics has an efficient team to offer circuit board repair and rework services. A circuit board repair service is a more challenging job as it consumes extra time, cost, etc. Even the cost of materials like wires, solder bars, etc. is costly compared to traditional soldering materials. However, keeping aside all the problems, we have trained our staff to offer this special service for the benefit of our buyers. Lot of customer’s contact us for PCB repair and rework services.

You can find our headquarters in Toronto, Canada and our production house in Shenzhen, China. We have employed qualified engineers to provide board repair and rework services. We are capable to repair PCBs even in Toronto, Canada. You simply need to tell us your requirement and we will proceed with repair and rework services with the help of our wide-ranging capabilities.

Generally, the rework process begins with better thermal profile, removing non-working parts, cleaning & preparing the site and getting rid of rust and solder residues. Following step is to replace the part with new flux and solder paste, then reflowed and passed for quality inspection. This process will vary as per project requirements and the services are delivered within the promised turnaround time.

Depending upon the project complexity and its design, the average turnaround time is calculated. However, we continually strive to deliver the cost competitive final products within a reasonable turnaround time and with good quality. You can receive the formal quote for your project by forwarding all the mandatory files and information to our sales executives. On receipt of the complete details, our sales force will guide you through the whole process and support you to get the final quote.

In order to have a seamless communication, we continuously try to coordinate and give the feedback to our buyers regarding any related concerns. We use latest available communication channels to coordinate with our consumers. You can reach us either through technical support, or emailing to sales@7pcb.com


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