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Low Cost Turnkey Printed Circuit Board Assembly Services in Canada

Bittele Electronics can always be relied on for low-cost turn-key printed circuit board (PCB) assembly services in Canada. There are many electronic contract manufacturers who offer turn-key assembly services, but in order to gain a cost advantage, customers tend to look towards Bittele services and contact us for the required services. As we also source parts, clients benefit from this too.

We have developed stringent stringent processes and adopted effective measures to acquire high-quality components at lower prices compared to other circuit board assemblers. Furthermore, we have also nurtured good relations with most of the authorized suppliers and manufacturers, such as Digi-Key, Mouser Electronics, Avnet, Arrow Electronics, Newark, Samtec, Farnell and Future Electronics, in order to obtain superior-quality parts at reasonable rates, which in turn reduces the total cost of turn-key PCB assembly.

In addition to sourcing the required competitively priced parts, Bittele has also developed a team for suggesting similar and cross-referenced parts wherever required. This benefit is passed on only with the permission of the customer, in the situation where it becomes difficult to find original parts. We have laid down strong and effective guidelines to offer turn-key circuit board assembly in a reasonable time. Our normal turnaround time for turn-key PCB assembly services is 2-3 weeks, and an average price can be estimated from the example below.

The average price for turn-key PCB assembly offered by us in Canada is as follows;

Board Specification:
  1. board Size: 2” × 2”
  2. layers: 2
  3. PCB Thickness: 0.062”
  4. copper Weight: 1 oz.
BOM Details:
  1. BOM Lines: 55
  2. surface-mount Components: 51
  3. through-hole Components: 2
  4. QFN components: 2
  5. lead-free processing
  6. components on one side
  7. quantity of Boards: 50
  8. PCB Cost: $187.98
  9. assembly Cost: $1,468.50
  10. handling & other costs: $120
  11. turnaround time: 10–12 days-
We have an experienced staff with all the necessary qualifications for working on turn-key circuit board assembly; this has further resulted in fast turnaround time with the most affordable cost to our clients, which can be determined from the PCB assembly price estimator provided by us.

In order to get a low-cost quote for turnkey circuit board assembly, you are required to send the Gerber file in RS-274X, RS-274D, AutoCAD DXF, or DWG format with any special specifications along with assembling files to our official email address at sales@7pcb.com. We also need a bill of materials for generating a price estimate. The official quote is provided by us in 1-2 days of our receiving the required information from you.


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